AdSensei, the Best Plugin to win Money with Google Adsense

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If you still haven’t decided to install the Adsensei plugin in your WordPress, I’ll tell you a secret:

You are losing money.

Don’t you believe it?

Well, catch your breath because I am going to tell you all the official information about the new Dean Romero’s plugin Adsensei B30 2016.

If you want to earn money with Google Adsense advertising, I recommend you to keep reading because I’ll explain you EVERYTHING.

Google Adsense is not enough to get high.

You have to know a lot of things that help you to increase your ads earnings. For this reason I´m going to tell you one trick to win money with Adsensei plugin.

You will learn a new trick to win money.

Adsensei: What is it and what is it for?

It is the new free plugin for WordPress, and the only plugin in Spanish, which aims to optimize the ads of Google Adsense in order to improve the CTR of your ads, increase the percentage of clicks and the look of your WordPress posts.

It is a plugin that has been designed with the aim of facilitating the task of placing adsense ads and earn more money.
Once you install Adsensei you will have the advantage of choosing the position of your ads and that means power to make tests to see which position creates you higher CPC and higher CTR.
Adsensei B30, the new plugin for Google Adsense

And the thing is that, sometimes, placing Google ads on a blog means killing its design completely. Even that you use plugins such as Quick Adsense, the few possibilities regarding ads placement make that your website doesn’t look as good as it should.

If you don’t master it, the solution lies in hiring a programmer that changes the code of your site.

Or directly play it easy: install Adsensei in your WordPress, the most flexible plugin with more functionalities for your ads.

But don’t worry, because if you are new to the online monetization we are going to do it step by step so you don’t get lost.

Adsensei, the plugin to monetize your blog with Google Adsense.

Are you ready to earn money thanks to Google ads and the best plugin for Adsense in history?

So let’s begin at the beginning, as our friend José Saramago says.

What is Google Adsense and why is it the easiest way of monetization for your blog

Adsense is the name for Google’s own advertising that serves as a mean of monetization to use in any website that complies with Google Adsense policy.

And why should you choose Adsense to monetize your website?

  • First of all, because it is the advertising method recommended by the giant Google.
  • Second, because it is a free method and it is very easy to implement by any editor that wants to obtain income from the Internet. It is as easy as just installing the code of the ads in your web template and many ads will start appearing according to the segmentation you’ve previously made.
  • Third, because it is very flexible advertising method and ads, available in different sizes, prepared to appear on any device, including mobile devices. Even in apps!
  • And lastly, because you don’t need to establish relationships with advertisers. Google handles it. One problem less.

You can listen this podcast of Adsense Advertisements to know more:

Moreover, if we compare it with other online advertising means, we find out that Google Adsense:

  • Shows ads to your blog users according to their interests.
  • The content of the ads matches the content of your website thanks to the advanced technology used by Google. No one can beat that and we know it.
  • There’s the possibility to filter unwanted ads. In any other system, this is almost impossible.
  • It is the easiest mean to use for someone that is starting to earn money online. And even easier if you use it with the Adsensei plugin.

It is great, right?

Personally, I use Google Adsense to monetize niche blogs.

Tourism, finance, health, technology… There are many areas that you can make lots of money with Adsense Ads.

Moreover, I will tell you that the financial issue is the best paid by Giant advertising system.

You can see all of this in the Google Adwords Keywords Tool. Take a look at the CPC for each keyword (choose a high CPC always) and check out the competition (I recommend you to choose medium to high competition for best results in Google Adsense).

So let’s see how this monetization system works (I know you’re dying to know it!)

How Adsense works

Earning money with Adsense is easier than the mechanism of a pacifier. Really.

For every valid click that is done in the ads placed on your website, Google Adsense will pay you an amount of money X. That amount will depend on many factors, such as the fixed CPC for that topic, the type of ads, the size, the advertiser, etc.

That is why it is very important to choose competed topics with a high CPC when you are starting an online project in the form of a niche.

And now that we know that Google Adsense is the tops for monetizing a website, I‘m going to show you why Adsensei plugin is the best way of implementing it on your website.

Why should you use Google Adsense with Adsensei plugin?

Adsense advertising can be used directly and manually copying and pasting the code of the ads.

But, being honest, it’s not a panacea.

It is much easier to use a plugin for Adsense to do your dirty job. And that is precisely the purpose of Adsensei B30.

Be a Sensei with Adsensei

Before the release date of Adsensei in this year 2016, most of the WordPress editors used Quick Adsense as a favourite plugin to place their ads in a customized way. The problem is that this plugin has a number of disadvantages that I explain you below.

Therefore, from Blogger 3.0 our mate Dean and his collaborator programmer decided to smarten up and make work easier for the online community of bloggers.


Well, you already know it: launching to the market the Adsense plugin for WordPress called Adsensei.

Let’s see the plugin features and the advantages that it has over other plugins with the same functionality. In short, we are going to see why you must install Adsensei.

Main features of Adsensei B30

Before installing Adsensei in your WordPress, take a look at those features that made me recommend now you its installation.

Adsensei has captivated me for many reasons:


If you are a bit hopeless with all these things about plugins and codes, the plugin Adsensei is the best option to implement your advertising system and generate revenue.

It is specially designed for being as usable as a plugin can be. In fact, in only 5 minutes or less you’ll understand how it works and you will become a Sensei PRO.

Sensei is a word used in Japan to designate a master in something, an expert, a professional. With Adsensei you’ll become a sensei of Google advertising.

   Speed and size

If there’s something missing to most of the WordPress plugins is the page level optimization.

Do one thing. Count how many plugins you have installed in your WordPress and see how much space they occupy in your server.

Amazing, huh?

This has as a consequence that our website gains weight and the load speed keeps slowing down as we upload images and install new plugins.

The creators of Adsensei know this more than enough because they are experts in the world of the Online Marketing, and that is why they have designed a plugin with an absolutely absurd weight (only 21,6 Kbs) and with an amazing speed processing: only 0,4730 seconds.

¡Adsensei rules!
This is one of Adsensei features that really caught my attention and probably the attention of all the bloggers that have already installed this plugin on their websites.


If there is a clear disadvantage of WordPress over other platforms, despite it is constantly updated, it is its safety.

Many plugins and also themes carry on their codes some little presents that negatively affect the safety and security of your website.

But when designing Adsensei, the safety factor has been in the mind of the creators and they have encapsulated all the plugin features in order to place a security barrier very difficult to shoot down.


This is the best of all and it is what made me install Adsensei B30 in some of my WordPress niches.

And the thing is that this plugin is the most customizable and the most flexible of all Adsense plugins that exist nowadays.


Because it allows us to place our Adsense ads anywhere on the web. And the best of all: you can place ads below h2 and h3 titles.

Do you know what this means in terms of CTR? The percentage of clicks goes through the roof. I love it!


In fact, you can place Google Adsense ads:

  • Before the first paragraph.
  • Halfway through the content.
  • At the end of the content.
  • After paragraph 1
  • After paragraph 2.
  • After paragraph 3.
  • After paragraph 4.
  • After paragraph 5.
  • After paragraph 6.
  • After paragraph 7.
  • After paragraph 8.
  • After paragraph 9.
  • After paragraph 10.
  • Before the last paragraph.
  • After the first H2.
  • After the second H2.
  • After the third H2.
  • After the first H3.
  • After the secondH3.
  • After the third H3.

You won’t say that the level of customization in Adsensei isn’t great, do you?

Adsensei vs Quick Adsense

At this point you’re probably thinking: Come on, Nuria, what are the differences between Adsensei and Quick Adsense? Why should I install one and not the other? Are you pulling the wool?

Look this video:

Well, no.

I don’t get anything in return for recommending you this plugin, so I’ll tell you the reasons why Adsenseiis better than Quick Adsense:

  1. It’s in Spanish. This is a plus for those editors who don’t know English at all.
  2. It’s faster. In fact, its processing speed is 0.4730 seconds compared with 0.5209 seconds of Quick Adsense.
  3. It takes up less space. We are talking of only 21.6 Kbs, a weight 25 lower than Quick Adsense.
  4. It’s more flexible and it has a higher level of customization. You can place your ads below the titles you choose, something that you can’t do with the other plugin.
  5. Free support. These guys are amazing and they answer you in less than 24 hours. Any improvement you think that can benefit the plugin UX and its performance will be implemented if you tell them and they consider it appropriate.

Are you still considering whether uninstall Quick Adsense and replace it with Adsensei?

Remember that you are losing money… Fly!

You can download Adsensei from the WordPress plugin browser or from the official website

Adsensei is a FREE PLUGIN

Does Adsensei comply with Google Adsense policy?

Of course.

I’ve already mentioned above that this plugin has been created by an expert of the world of Digital Marketing that perfectly knows Google Adsense policy.

As long as your site complies that policy and you don’t try to incentivize the click in any way, you won’t have any problem with the plugin.

Installation and setup of Adsensei step by step

I assume that you perfectly know how to install a plugin in WordPress. You know, you can search Adsensei B30 from Plugins – Add New- Search.

You can also download it from and after that upload it from Plugins – Add New- Upload plugin

Either way, once you’ve installed Adsensei you’ll need to activate it to start the setup.

Once it is activated, locate it on the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard, just below. Click on Adsensei B30 and you’ll see exactly this initial screen:

How to configure Adsensei to optimize Google Adsense ads

As you’ll see, you have configuration options to include up to 10 different ads, as long as you respect Google Adsense policies. From ad 1 to ad 10 you can configure:

  • Adsense code. In this option, you need to introduce the code of the Google ad that you can obtain from the official Google Adsense website. If you have an account, enter and select the type of ad that you want and copy the code in this option of the plugin. If you don’t have a Google Adsense account, you can create one from here.
  • Place an ad. Here you’ll see different options for placing your ads. You just only need to click the drop-down menu and select the one you think is most suitable for that type of ad.
  • Ad alignment. The options are: left, right, center, covered left and covered right.
  • Margin. Here you can select the pixels for the margin of your ads, from 0 to 100.
  • Show ad in. Here the thing is simple as well: whether you want it in the posts, or in the pages, or in posts and pages at the same time, or only as a shortcode to introduce them manually.

¿Are you convinced? If not, you can take a look of this explanation video. Here you can learn how to download Adsense Plugin and how to configure your ads in the best way to earn money:

Easy, right? Now you know how to configure Adsensei to fully customize your website. Now you just need to experiment with ads to optimize CTR and generate the most number of clicks that will result in revenues for you.

Be intelligent and install Adsensei Plugin

Which are the best positions for Google Adsense ads and which size of ad should I place?

I’m not going to cheat you. This depends a lot on the theme and the topic. As a general rule, it is usually recommended the placement of the ads below the menu and below the titles.

Remember that the number of Adsense ads that you can place on one website are the following:

  • Up to three Adsense ad units for content.
  • Up to three link units.
  • Up to two search boxes.

I usually install Google Adsense as follows:

  • Below the menu, a link ad.
  • A search box on the right sidebar.
  • A responsive ad unit under H1.
  • Another link unit under the first H2.
  • An ad unit for content 336×280 under the first paragraph.
  • An ad unit under the first subtitle H3.
  • A link unit at the end of the post.

You can use my strategy of Adsense ads placement but the best is that you are the one who experiments with different areas and types of ad. For that, I recommend you to install Adsensei and start increasing the CPR from now.

Of course, there isn´t exist  an announcement or a certain size that guarantees same earnings in all your blogs. You can test it and just you can find the best way for your topic.

So you can start right now and remember: you have to analyze Google Adsense statistics and decide what type of ad works best in your blog.

Do you want more Adsensei videos? Here one more:

Do you like this video? Now I´m sure you are goint to install this.

You can access to Adsensei Support from here.

You can access to Adsensei Reviews from here.

You can access to my Youtube channel and learn more about Adsensei from here.

More clicks, more revenues.

Shall we start?

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  1. Jajajaj muy buena idea!!

    Te conocí a través del concurso y veo que tienes mucho potencial. He visto que vas en tercera posición. Para ayudarte voy a crear un enlace en la página que creé para el concurso (ya que no lo voy a ganar, voy a intentar ayudarte para que sigas mejorando y creciendo).

    Mucha suerte!!

  2. This plugin is the fucking best thing of 2016 because can do anything with my AdSense Advertisement,

    Adsensei is totally free so I can install it now in my WordPress and start to earn money easyly.

    Thanks Nuria for this awesome first tutorial of Adsensei in English. You are a new top blogger in the world hahaha.

    Dean Romero thanks to develop it. Thanks!

    Good luck in competition Nuria!

  3. Se gane o no se gane el torneo este del AdSensei, es flipante las estrategias perrunas que despliega la gente jajajaj, se aprende un huevo. Alucino. Buen trabajo!

  4. Pues nada, mi buen amigo Bruno me ha dicho que me meta aquí y vea (de nuevo) su tutorial de AdSense 😉
    y así ayudarte en la competición de
    La verdad es que de paso me ha servido para descubrir una gran página, me encantan tus artículos, a ver si tengo tiempo y les voy dando un repaso y aprendo todo lo que pones.
    En fin, que tengas suerte y seguro que no es el único post que tengas de mi.
    ¡Un saludo y buen trabajo!

    • ¡Hola Carlos!

      Que crack es Bruno, si es que hay que quererle jaja.

      Me alegro de que lo que cuento te haya parecido útil. La verdad es que hago los artículos tan largos que hay que tener tiempo para leerlos al completo jaja. Voy a comenzar a poner la opción de descargar los artículos en PDF y así os lo pongo un poco más fácil.

      Los vídeos los hago con Animaker, una herramienta con opción gratuita y con opción de pago. Yo uso la gratuita 🙂

      Muchas gracias por pasarte, por comentar y por desearme de suerte Carlos.

      Un saludo.

  5. Adsensei es Adsensei y sirve mucho porque este plugin es el mejor siempre que tengo dudas le consulto tiene un soporte excelente, así que me encanta y siempre estoy contento porque puedo ganar dinero. Adsense es chulo y además monetizo la web con bloques de anuncios que optimizo poniéndolos en diferentes lugares, porque adsensei es muy buen plugin desarrollado por dean, que se apellida romero, y que tiene el blog blogger3cero, por lo que es un blogger y que también monetiza sus visitas.

  6. Es genial este plugin!, Nuria mucho éxito, excelente todo lo que has presentado en este artículo y de verdad te deseo de todo corazón muy buena suerte.

  7. Con cuantas visitas al día se pueden ganar unos 25 o 30 dólares al día con adsense tengo una agencia btl y estoy tratando de impulsar mi blog, pero quiero saber si con este plugin puedo acelerar esas ganancias al subir contenido diario.

    • Hola William,

      Es muy complicado calcular eso que me preguntas porque hay muchos factores que entran en juego: diseño web, temática, CPC de la temática, colocación de los anuncios…Hay infinitas posibilidades.

      Te recomiendo instalar este plugin, colocar los anuncios debajo de los títulos h2 y h3 de tus textos y experimentar con las posiciones de los anuncios hasta dar con la más eficiente. Sigue publicando contenido diario y sé constante y ya verás como pronto lo consigues.

      Un abrazo.


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